February 12, 2016


Higher learning has always been considered a good choice for creating a lucrative career. However, not everyone believes college is the best route when it comes to boosting career marketability. Learning how to design websites on your own can get you started on your new career path, but taking web design classes at an accredited school can give you that extra boost when competing for jobs and freelance clients. Read on to find out more benefits of formally learning web design instead of trying to learn on your own!


When you’re learning web design the DTY way, you expose yourself to industry basics. But, in order to eventually make 6+ figures in a web design career, you’ll need professional training from a good local school.

Here are five very tangible, specific reasons for taking web design classes in order to benefit your future web design career:

1. Taking Web Design Classes to Earn More Money

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those with degrees had weekly earnings of up to about 40% more than those with just high school diplomas (2012). Many companies offer higher salaries to employees with higher education credentials from accredited schools.

2. Learning Website Design Gives You More Career Freedom

Graduating from an accredited web design school leads to the freedom to pick and choose the career paths you wish to travel. Most employers understand that higher education gives you a higher degree of knowledge and skills than those without relevant schooling. Because you learn a wide variety of technologies, tools and software, your range of industry knowledge is wider than most.

3. Taking Web Design Classes Increases Career Opportunities and Options

In just about any industry, employees who choose to go back to school generally receive incentives and in-house promotions. They’re also offered great career advancements when they’re up against peers for the same promotions and jobs. Web design school helps you expand your skill set and improve your techniques more effectively than learning on your own.

4. Learning Website Design Helps You Become More Marketable

Just like with most job markets, college-level education helps make your resume much more appealing to potential employers and freelance clients. That means more doors are open to you, making you much more marketable than your job competitors.

5. Taking Web Design Classes Gives You Access to Vital Resources

Getting an education from a reputable, accredited web design school means having access to valuable resources. Many of these resources are only offered to design industry students, such as internships and career placement services. You’ll also have access to other vital resources that’ll help boost your career including the chance to engage with industry leaders and various networking opportunities.


Ready to start making moves toward becoming a professional web designer? Look into a local web design school in Orlando, such as F.I.R.S.T. Institute. F.I.R.S.T. Institute offers a Graphic Design and Web Development Program you can complete in as little as 11 months. You’ll get classroom and hands-on training from professional web designers and instructors who care about your future in the design industry. We do all we can to ensure that our students receive the best possible web design education opportunities. Prepare for an entry-level web design job with us!

Learning web design from a high-quality school will give you the boost you need to stand out among other job applicants and entrepreneurs. Contact Us for more information on our Graphic Design and Web Development Program today.

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