January 22, 2020

Web Design Fundamentals for Beginners | Web & Graphics

Above all, your website should be clean, eyecatching, and easy to use. But how do you build your website to capture these three core principles?

In this video, our Web & Graphics director Tshela Green will teach you three important concepts to keep in mind when designing your domain.


Space is important because it determines how readable (and important) text is on a webpage. There are two types of space: macro (larger areas of space) and micro (smaller areas of space, like between text or buttons).

An element surrounded by a large amount of space can give it the appearance of having a high quality. Tshela uses a metaphor comparing discount stores to high-end luxury stores. Cluttered shelves can give the impression that the objects are of a lower quality.


Technology should be available to everyone – including those with disabilities. The design of your website should keep in mind that everyone perceives things differently. For instance, someone who is colorblind may have difficulties seeing red text on a green background, or differentiating between two similar shades of the same color.

The solution is to increase your contrast, making text easily readable. Black and white is an extreme example of contrast – a dark blue against a bright yellow is another easily applicable option.

Making fonts scalable is another integral part of making your website accessible. Smaller text is hard to read. Having the option to increase the size of the characters will ensure your content is visible to everyone.


Navigation is how you move from one page to another on the same website. The content that a viewer is looking for should be easily accessible from any page on the site. In fact, the “three click rule” states that if your visitor cannot accomplish their goal within three clicks, the likelihood of them exiting your site skyrockets.

Your navigation should be concise, clear, and consistent.

Keeping these three tenets in mind will help you create a website that attracts and retains viewers!