February 28, 2021


What is front end web development? Those with front end web development jobs are responsible for creating the side of a website that users see (aka, the front end) and are integral to the web design industry. They work with web designers to create interactive, awe-inspiring web experiences, or they create these experiences themselves!


Here’s an example: when you landed on this blog post, the first.edu servers sent your computer various pieces of information. Your computer then interpreted that info, turning it into the website page you’re viewing right this second. Code is what was used to help your computer communicate properly. A front end web developer wrote that code.

These are just some of the technical responsibilities for those with professional front end development jobs:

  • Constructing static webpages 
  • Creating dynamic web apps, like Google Docs, Facebook and Twitter 
  • Building immersive, amazing, engaging user experiences 
  • Developing simple-to-use, fast apps and prototypes 
  • Optimizing web apps in order to maximize scalability and speed 
  • Designing and developing “user facing code” 
  • Acting as architect for creating both websites and apps 
  • Using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML to develop apps and sites 

Some of the most common titles for various types of front end development jobs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • HTML/CSS Developer 
  • Front End Web Developer 
  • Client Side Web Developer 
  • Front End JavaScript App Developer 
  • Front End JavaScript Developer 
  • Front End Software Developer 
  • Front End Accessibility Expert 
  • Front End SEO Expert 
  • Front End Testing/QA 
  • Front End User Interface Developer 
  • Front End Developer for Mobile/Tablet Devices 

Front end development.


Three of the most commonly used techniques used by front end developers are responsive design, modern design languages and frameworks.

1. Responsive Web Design

Change the size of your web browser. Notice how the layout of the webpage content changed so that it fits the new screen size. That’s called a responsive design. These types of web designs also change to fit the screen sizes of mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones. People expect websites to look good no matter what device they’re using, and most find it to be more efficient to use responsive web designs than to create multiple websites for multiple devices. Attending a school that specializes in teaching web development will help you learn web development and responsive web design.

2. Modern Design Languages

What is a design language? It’s a set of principles used by developers to unify and organize a product’s design. Material Design by Google is a great example of a modern design language used to create mobile apps and responsive websites. It focuses on using layers that act and look like they were created using colorful construction paper.

3. Frameworks

Frameworks help making, building and structuring websites easier. Using custom CSS classes, frameworks ensure that your content looks good on any type of device. They also help professional front end web developers follow modern design and design industry best practices and principles.

Sound interesting and complicated all at the same time? Then learning front end web development is probably a great career choice for you!


One of the best ways to learn front end development is by attending a local school, such as F.I.R.S.T. Institute of Florida. F.I.R.S.T. Institute’s Graphic Design and Web Development Program will set you on the right course to becoming a front end developer. From a faculty made up of experienced design industry professionals to a broad spectrum of courses and a dedicated Career Development department, we give students access to everything they need to succeed in the web development industry, both in class and on the job.

If you’d like to know more about our program, please give us a call or send us an email! Our admissions team are standing by to answer any questions you might have. Then, apply online to start working on your new career as a front end developer today.