Believe it or not, the life of a film director is a very busy one. Many people assume that they have plenty of “off” time when they are not filming. This scenario is not the case. Film directors are busy before, during and after filming. In order to get a better understanding of how to become a film director, here is a general overview.


The film director plays an important role in finding the actors before the filming even begins. They work with the producers a

nd sit through all of the stages of auditioning. Doing this gives them a good feel for finding out what kind of person they are going to need to fill a certain role. Once the actors are chosen, the director takes time to rehearse with and talk with every cast member and show each one what’s expected.


As a film director, the busiest time of the entire process is during the filming process. It starts with determining whether or not the actors are portraying their characters properly. The director decides how many takes to do per scene. They also decide whether or not the actors have done their jobs of being believable and following the standards set forth.

It is up to the film director to make sure that more than just the actors are right. They need to work with all of the different specialists such as lighting, settings and scouting to make sure the film set is perfect and ready for the movie to be shot. If there are any additional problems, the film director is responsible for working with the head of each area to resolve any issues.


It doesn’t stop there for the busy director. When the filming is over, the director needs to sit in with the editors and music specialists to make sure there’s continuity. They all help decide what stays, what goes and what needs to be cut short. Before the film is ever released, the directors and producers need to come to a final agreement that the film is good to go and ready for public viewing.


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