Looking for avenues to becoming a web developer without wasting time on options that aren’t going to pay off long term? Determined to find a way to teach yourself many fundamental skills that will supplement what you’re learning in top web development schools? It’s very hard to learn such a technical skill without professional help or schooling. But, you can teach yourself some of the fundamentals of becoming a web developer, as long as you’re prepared to do extensive research. Trying to understand how to learn web development? Follow these steps!


Truth be told, there’s no actual step-by-step blueprint you must follow to learn web development. But, there are some general things every web developer must grasp in order to land a great career in the web development industry or a lucrative contract. Here are just five skills to master:

1. Learn JavaScript, CSS and HTML –

These three are absolute musts for any and all professional web developers. Why do you need all three? They all perform different functions.

  • Javascript: Makes the site a dynamic one
  • CSS: Makes the site look good
  • HTML: Tells the site how to look and what to do

2. Decide on Web Hosting – As a student in a web development school, it may not be necessary for you to pay for web hosting just yet. Do your research to find a free one, or install a web server like WAMP, which doesn’t charge if you don’t actually produce anything.

3. Learn Server-Side Scripting Language – This is a tricky one, as you’ll have to find resources to help you learn these languages. Keep in mind that you have options:

  • ASP (flawless with .NET)
  • .NET (works well with ASP)
  • Ruby (latest phenom)
  • PHP (most popular)
  • Python (simplest to learn)

4. Start Coding – What is coding? In short, code is a set of instructions and rules that are understood by computers. Coding is needed to create websites, computer apps, computer software, Facebook, operating systems (OS), browsers, phone apps and more. Start practicing coding ASAP if you hope to succeed in the web development industry!



Here are a few more things you should know about coding when preparing to learn web development: 

  • Just about everything considered to be digital technology and/or powered by electricity is powered by code.
  • People write the code that powers and drives computers, which power just about everything from cars, to watches, to microwaves to cell phones. When you learn web development, you learn what it takes to become the power behind the product.
  • Web developers who also write code are known by different names, including software engineers, computer scientists, computer programmers, developers, coders, and more.
  • Computers are powered by binary code, which consists of series of 0s and 1s, making it a bit difficult for humans to read, write, interpret and understand.
  • There are numerous ways to learn web development and coding without breaking the bank. Here are several resources to help you learn how to code for free:


Learning the art of web development at an on-campus accredited school gives you access to innovative tools, hands-on experience and valuable networking and engagement opportunities that you simply cannot access on your own. While you can learn the basics through these resources, to truly understand web development you have to attend a web development school. Find out what on-campus learning can do for you today!


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