Have you always dreamed of working in the film industry, but can’t seem to figure out how to get started? Have you ever wondered about all the possibilities of different careers in film? If this is you, these are some of the things that the best cinematography schools in the country can teach you to help you pursue your filmmaking dreams. Look for these in your potential school and your decision will become much easier and less overwhelming!

Choosing the best cinematography school is not always easy. But, it can be if you know what to look for as you narrow your search. Here are five things the top film schools have in common:


The top film schools focus on helping students develop skills to actually gain employment in the industry. Some of these career development skills include:

  • How to create a catchy resume and cover letter
  • Setting up job alerts and performing job searches properly
  • Using the right type of networking etiquette
  • Designing and formatting professional business cards
  • Creating industry-specific social media network profiles
  • Showcasing your demo reel via SoundCloud, Vimeo and/or YouTube


When it comes to choosing the top cinematography school, make sure each school’s curricula is focused on the art of filmmaking. Each set of courses should concentrate on various aspects of video production and video editing. You should be able to learn about the history of film, digital media and film theory. There should be focus on creating projects, such as creating a testimonial, commercial, music video, documentary and short film.


There are numerous different niches within the filmmaking industry. The top film schools will expose you to various fields to help you develop and master your professional niche. Here are just some of the niches and careers in film you can develop at top film schools:


Getting hands-on experience is key to learning the skills you need to enter a field in the filmmaking industry. Choosing one of the top cinematography schools means gaining access to innovative filmmaking equipment and tools. Most of this equipment is too expensive for the average film school student to buy. So, make sure the cinematography school you choose has up-to-date equipment for you to use. Hands-on experience is a valuable asset companies look for when hiring people fresh out of film school.


The top film schools are run by industry leaders who have actually worked in the business in one field or another. You want a film school with a staff and instructors who know the business and how it works. To be truly successful, you need to learn from producers, directors and sound and camera operators. They should bring to the table on-the-job experience with major movie and TV studios, production companies, etc.


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